It’s a Stream Team Thing

A while back someone said to me, “You’re an environmentalist, Right?  It’s OK if you are.”  Wow, as if there might be some shame in it. I asked what he thought an environmentalist is and he said “You know, tree-huggers.” I’m fine with be called an “Environmentalist.” Although, I’ve never actually hugged a tree, I do spend a lot of time outdoors. I Love all sorts of outdoor activities and just being outside takes the edge off my stress.

AUG 30, 2007 Arnold-Imperial Leader

The clean-ups have become their own outdoor adventure. I get to hike through the woods hunting for litter or float on a river fishing for tires. To me it’s all fun.  The big surprise is how so many people have as much fun as I do trudging through the mud in summer and the snow in winter to clean up a stream. We are usually smiling, laughing, working out hearts out and are usually seen carrying a tire—or sometimes half a motorcycle.

Growing up I was the kid with allergies and was rarely able to go outdoors. So naturally, I cherish every walk, hike, float, fishing trip, camping trip, bon fire – you get the idea. The appreciation I have for all these outdoor pursuits eventually lead to my first Stream Team Clean-up in. At my first clean-up I hiked river banks in Arnold Park, canoed across the Meramec River, dug out a bunch of tires,  hauled a half of motorcycle out of a jon boat, got my picture in the paper and had a cook-out– all in the same day. That was ten years ago and that first clean-up is with me always.

This is the culture of the Stream Team. It’s difficult to explain why we love it so much; let’s just say, “it’s a Stream Team, thing.” We’re a bunch of people that love the outdoors and have a great time taking care of it together. This coming weekend of October 14th to 15th we’re going after one of our biggest clean-ups yet. I hope all of you can be with me on the Black River.

You-know—now that I think about it, I just might go and hug a tree.


Doug Geist, President League of Watershed Guardians


For information about the Black River clean-up please follow this link: 

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